205. The snow.

204. Ben letting me sleep in since he goes into work late.

203. Confirmation of my health insurance starting.

202. For my brothers visit tomorrow. 

201. Real cream for my coffee (we were out this week and milk just never cuts it!) 



200. Eye drops. 

199. A place to put everything. 

198. Socks to keep my toes warm.

197. Technology to help babysit the kids when I’m not feeling well. 

196. Pretty smelling perfume (from my guy).

195. Jeans that actually fit. 

194. New adventures.

193. Money to fuel my minivan.

192. Hot coffee with heavy cream. 

191. My husband who reminds me of God’s goodness.


182. The smell of pipe smoke.

183. The memories that wash over me whenever I smell pipe smoke. 

184. Ramen noodles — seriously, I love them!

185. My husband and particularly how he reads Winnie the Pooh to our 3 year old son.

186. My husband, who merely laughs at me when I admit I have no idea how to dance to dub-step during our family dance party.

187. For my family, who doesn’t complain when we have roast potatoes for dinner and a carrot salad for dinner.

188. Yummy smelling cleaners, whose recipe was shared by a lovely older woman in my church.

189. HVAC

190. Delicious smelling soap. 

180 & 181

181. My sister. She is such a wonderful encouragement for me.

180. Fellowship! Today I am especially thankful for fellowship that nourishes my soul and reminds me why I love community.


175. Hot cocoa.

176. Friends.

177. A car that works well.

178. Sleep.

179. Really good books!


167. Rakes strong enough to rake up leaves even when they are frozen.

168. Gloves. 

169. Boots to keep my toes warm and dry.

170. Music and books on my phone to keep my mind busy while my body works.

171. A body that works. 

172. Licorice herbal tea. 

173. Alka-seltzer.

174. My toddler’s smiles.


162 The misty rain. 

163 Ben’s new job.

164 School’s almost out!

165 My house is nearly packed up.

166 Sleep.